OM products are known for their durability and innovation. Our commitment to safety, efficiency and robustness make us the best what we are doing. Thats why OM Engineering is always a reliable partner for you. We keep the quality at highest level and provide the right type of service for our customers needs.


We are a leading manufacturer of construction attachments. These attachments are commonly used in the harsh conditions they are directly contact with rocks, gravel and sand. Therefore, we use the best materials because they must be extremely strong. We have developed a reputation to meet these demanding expectations and deliver strong and endurance attachments which these sites require.


Our powerful and well-made buckets are combine weight, design and durability in the best possible way and our attachments with no compromises, maximizing efficiency and productivity.

With the most rigid complience to the Machinery Directive regulations.

Our rippers are perfect for you to use berakout force. They assure for effective work in frozen or hard ground.

Pallet forks fit to lift pallets in the building sector.


In areas where the machine’s standard range of action is not sufficient our extended arms and booms help you to finalize your project efficiently.


The pressure to perform on dredgers has increased significantly over the last decades. Therefore, the need for highly reliable dredging equipment, such as specialised drive and control technology, is obvious. We are focusing on the field of potential application solutions to be able to make our customers’ work more and more effective and productive. We identify minor and major technical issues at your project site with highly skilled project team and a strong innovative drive we can re-engineer these products to meet specific customer needs.


OM’s demolition material handlers help you to reach the highest level by keeping the machine stable even high load capacity. We have developed some of the most efficient equipment & attachments with maximum endurance even under the toughest operating conditions. Powerful, precision crafted steel design and long-lasting heavy duty demolition equipment and attachments for all stages of the demolition and deconstruction process.